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Charlie Simpson has farmed within the poultry industry for 20 years and is currently Managing Director of one of the UK’s largest broiler farms producing in excess of 3.5 million birds per year and consistently achieving top results within his field.


The farm has embraced renewable technology by utilising 260,000 kw of heat generated by burning wood pellets in 15 boilers across the site.


Charlie understands all aspects of both running biomass boilers through to the expectations of receiving premium quality wood pellets ensuring biomass boilers run at their optimum performance & efficiency levels.



Sam Kenworthy has supplied poultry bedding and biomass fuels with a turnover of £2.5 million to the agricultural industry for several years.


Sam has significant experience with product development, customer service and sales within this field and is able to boast a large knowledge of the biomass sector providing a friendly, highly knowledgable service.


Sam's passion for renewable energy is clearly displayed through his dedication to ensure top quality pellet is delivered as soon as possible to our customers at a consistantly low price.