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Biomass:- A Surefire Energy Solution

Virgin Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets are a form of renewable biomass fuel which when burnt can provide heat and hot water to the industrial and domestic markets.

Wood pellets have been used for many years in other European countries and are now becoming more popular in the UK as a renewable, carbon-neutral fuel source.

Each wood pellet is made from virgin sawdust which is compressed into a high density pellet of uniform diameter which achieves high heat output when burnt.

Due to their high density, wood pellets are very easy to store, requiring less storage space than other renewables and can be delivered with minimal disruption by specialist trucks.

Wood pellets are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which provides financial incentive to organisations making the switch to renewable heating.

BSL Standards

The pellets that we supply are all BSL Authorised and SureFire Fuels Ltd appear on the Biomass Suppliers List. From Autumn 2015 it is a requirement of RHI claimants that they purchase fuel from a BSL supplier in order to be able to claim payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI Scheme) SureFire Fuels Ltd are recognised as an approved BSL supplier whose biomass fuels meet the toughest government standards & environmental objectives achieving reduced CO2 emissions and land criteria.


Low Ash Content

The lower the ash content of your wood pellet the more efficiently it will burn, and the more heat your boiler will produce. Higher ash levels will cause your boiler to require more frequent cleaning and maintenance, and could signify greater levels of bark, moisture or other contaminates in your pellets. Our wood pellets contain low ash levels ensuring that optimum burning is achieved generating more heat per pellet.


Low Moisture Content

Before heat can be generated through burning, a solid fuel must eliminate residual moisture content. As wood pellets are dried through the process of manufacturing, they are highly efficient and hold significant calorific value at the point of use. Wood pellets are the optimum low moisture solid fuel with low carbon emissions and as a result are suitable for both larger and smaller biomass boiler systems.