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About Us

Sure Fire Fuels

By ordering From SureFire Fuels Ltd, you can feel assured you are receiving a high quality pellet product consistantly produced to exceptional standards with BSL accreditation.


SureFire Fuels Ltd supply virgin wood pellets which are sustainably sourced and compressed under high pressure into a uniform diameter. This process produces a wood pellet with low ash & moisture content ensuring a clean burn with high performance & heat output.


Due to the high grade and low moisture & ash content of our product, we can achieve a high calorific value (4.9kwh) generating impressive heat yields, yet in a carbon neutral, environmentally sustanable fuel source.


Our dedicated team can offer assistance in pellet selection if required to ensure you choose the most appropriate product for your equipment and can provide a friendly, fuss-free ordering service direct to your premises at a date and time to suit your requirements.


We strive to provide a professional, approachable and reliable service, delivering you a cost effective solution for your Biomass needs.